Myself along with my other self, Yue the Moon guardian of the Clow Book.

Yukito: Hello there my name is Yukito Tsukishiro
and I am best friends with both Sakura and Touya.  I find myself really nice, but I do eat a lot, I never understood why I was so hungry all the time until I noticed that I had another form.  Actually the other half told me that he gets his energy from not only Sakura but me as well.  That's why I eat all the time. (Starts to Change)

Yue: He crosses his arms, you almost told them everything.*clears throat*.  My name is Yue, I am the moon guardian of the Clow Book.  I kept my form secret from both Yukito as well as Ceroberos.  Then finally, my time to show my true form was at hand.  I had shown myself for the final judgment.  To test those who collected the Clow Cards.  At first, I was not expecting two people collecting the cards, but I still tested them both.  The descendent of Clow Reed failed, but Sakura...something was different with first she was going to be defeated...but some how. it all changed.  So I named her the keeper of the Clow Cards, and returned to my other form.  However, during time, Sakura's magic was not strong enough to help me manage my powers, so with the help of Touya, Sakura's brother, he gave me his magic so myself as well as Yukito, would not disappear.  At first I was skeptical about Sakura being my new mistress...but she does have a kind and warm heart, and her magic is increasing day by day. (changes back)

Yukito: Yep, however it did take me a while to figure out what was wrong with me.  I was a little worried at first.  I seemed hungry all the time, I would have blackouts, and wouldn't remember much, also I was tired almost all the time too.  Then finally, Yue had told me about was scary at first...but Touya didn't want either me or Yue to disappear...anyway, here is a little bit more about myself and Yue. *big smile*

Yukito-my favorite Class is Math, My favorite color is white, my fav. flower is Primrose, and my fav. food (laughs) is anything.^^

Yue: I'm the Moon guardian, I do not have a favorite food, since i do not eat or sleep, I'm a guardian of the Clow Book...and that's it

Yue, with Ceroberos and Sakura