Part 6

Where is everyone?

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Syaoran opened his eyes. " Wha...what? " he got up. He was on the ground. He looked around.

The only sound was the dead wind blowing across the land.

He suddenly gasped. " Sakura! " he got up and looked for her. " Sakura! Where are you?! " he called her.

He looked around him. No one was there, nobody. But didn't Sakura save everyone?

The sky was normal and so was the waether. But every creature and person was out of sight.

Syaoran ran down the path to look for her.

He stopped and saw a little girl in a torn pink kimono.

" Sakura!! " he ran to her. He kneeled down to her body. Her wand was on the ground... broken in two.

Syaoran shoke Sakura. She didn't open her eyes. " Sakura! Get up! " his heart skipping beats. She didn't wake up. His eyes watered.

" Please get up.." tears running down his face.

Silence, nothing but the wind blowing.

A deep pain filled his heart.

He couldn't of lost her..not yet.. he didn't even tell her how he felt....

A tear slid down his face and fell onto Sakura's forehead.

She slowly opened her eyes. " Hoe? "

Syaoran gasped. " Sakura? "

She lifted herself up ( but she was still sitting. ) But unforutnatly Syaoran knocked her back down by hugging her ( XD ).

" Your alive! " he cried.

Sakura blushed. " Uh..yeah." she hugged him back.

Syaoran got up and helped her up.

" I guess you where glad to see me? " Sakura smiled.

Syaoran at least turned a hundred shades of red.

He hid his face so she wouldn't see his apple colored cheeks. " Yeah.."

Sakura turned around, exepeting to see the festival. But instead nobody was there.

" Where is everyone?! "

" ....The've.dissapeared?" Syaoran sighed.

" " Sakura turned to look at him. He just looked at her for a secoened and then looked back to the empty streets.

Sakura gasped. " My wand!! "

" How will we save everyone now??" she said, crying.

" you here that? " Syaoran listened.

Footsteps sounded.

" Dare? "

SUddenly a little girl with long purple hair was running towards them.

" TOMOYO?! " Syaoran and Sakura gasped.

" Sakura!! " Tomoyo ran to them.

" Tomoyo?! What happened? Where is everyone?? " Sakura asked.

" I don't know I just woke up and I was..laying on the ground..snif...and.." she had tears i her eyes, " everyone was gone.." she cried. Sakura hugged her friend. " I'll tell you the story.."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~ ~

" So that demon might of tooken everyone away? " TOmoyo sat down on the bench.

" We don't know yet....then you appeared which makes things even more complicated.." Syaoran said.

" We should ask Kero..he should know! " Tomoyo cheered up.

Syaoran and Sakura looked at each other. " Kero..." Syaoran began, " Is gone..." Sakura ended.

" What?? " Tomoyo gasped.

" I wonder if....anyone else his still here? " she asked Sakura.

She just shrugged.

Syaoran snapped. " That's it! "

" What Syaoran? " Tomoyo and Sakura asked him.

" We can use the lazen board! " he smled to Sakura.

Sakura brightened up. " It can tell us where everyone is! " she jumped with exictement.