Hello everyone my name is Tomoyo Daidouji, I'm 10 years old, and I'm also Sakura's best friend....

Sakura: That's right, I told u right away about me and the Clow Cards.

Tomoyo: Yes i know...thanx for ruining it for me. I come from a rich family and usually my bodyguards are with me.......(*cough*) Anyway, as Sakura said, she told me all about Kero, The Clow Book, and the Clow Cards...right away.  So to help her along i made all of her costumes, which are very Kawaii, and i video taped all of her captures.  I have a library of it, and i add music and everything.

Sakura: (*sweat drop*)

Tomoyo: (stars in eyes) I just love making Sakura's costumes and video taping her, but i do worry about Sakura's safety now and then.  And since Syaoran didn't mention me...(*glares at Syaoran*)

Syaoran: Gomen, gomen...(*nervous laughter*)

Tomoyo: Anyway as I was saying, I did care about Syaoran and his feelings towards Sakura, and I didn't push him to tell her, i just gave him advise, since I am Sakura's best friend. (*smile*).  But when they did get together I was very happy for them.

Syaoran: Yes you did thank you Tomoyo, your a very kind and gentle person.

Sakura: Yes you are (group hug)

Here is some more about me.....I love to sing, that's my passion (and i'm very good at it too), my favorite color is White and Beige, my favorite flower is Lily Mangolias, oh and I love Sushi (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sushi....) starts to drift off.......


This is Me

this is a picture of Me, Syaoran, and Sakura