This is me...don't I look handsome...heheheheh...

Hello my name is Syaoran Li, which means Little Wolf, but don't ever call me that.......

Sakura: Your my Little Wolf (*blush*)

Syaoran: Sakura shhhhhhhhhh....anyway, I am from Hong Kong, and I was sent to capture the cards and I really didn't think that Sakura was up for the task.  So I was really mean towards her, and always putting her capture abilities down.  But after all the cards were capture, we went up against Yue, the Moon Guardian, I lost....badly...but Sakura won, and she became the holder of the Clow Cards.  At first I was a little disappointed was Yue's decision, and I was happy that she was okay.  Now my cousin, Meilin, whom I'm engaged too..didn't like the Idea that I was helping Sakura.  But I had too, something was going on after Sakura was chosen, and the cards wouldn't work unless she changed them.  It was a hard task, but she did it.  Now being with Sakura so long I have realized that I have feelings for her.....strong feelings, and when Meilin showed up one day....I had to tell her the truth, because that is what I promised.  If I ever found someone else that I loved I would have to tell her and our engagement would be off.  Now at first she didn't like it.......but when she went back to Hong Kong....she got used to it.  Now I stayed behind and helped Sakura.  When we received a new student named Eriol...I wasn't to impressed there was just something about him, that wasn't right, and I couldn't put my finger on it.  But finally Eriol reveled himself as the reincarnation of Clow Reed.   He was testing Sakura, and helping her change the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards, during the battle between Sakura and Eriol I had to help Sakura change the Light and Dark card, to save the whole town.  It worked....and I finally thought that this was my chance.  So I told her how I first she didn't respond....and I was leaving the next day back to Hong Kong..but she meet me at the airport.....and I could see it in her eyes...that she does care......she just needs time.

Sakura: But I did tell you when you came back.

Syaoran: Yes I know dear....anyway...enough about is a little bit more about fav color is Green, ummmmm.....I like flowers.  Yes guys you heard it right, I like flowers and my favorite one is favorite food is dim sum....and of coarse CHOCOLATE!!!!!! Oopsie...heheheh also I don't like to lean Japanese.....I'm not very good at it.  And I think that's it.

And this is me and my number 1 girl Sakura