Part 3

Grey Mist

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" Where is he? " Sakura looked around. " Err! We've looked around this place a hundred times. " Sakura worried. " It's okay.." Syaoran tried to calm her down. " But we've searched the whole fesival! And we still havn't found them. " Sakura paniced. " Don't worry we'll find them. " Syaoran said. They kept walking down the path.

Suddenly both of them stopped.

" Did you? " Sakura asked.

" Yeah I sensed it too. " Syaoran looked around him.

" But I captured all of the cards. How? " Sakura questioned.

" Remember Sakura there is more evil then just the clow cards " Syaoran reminded her.

" It's watching us..." he looked around him.

Sakura turned around.

" Oh my god! "

Syaoran sharply turned and gapped. " The festival, all the people! There gone! " she covered her mouth.

The place was desserted, nobody in site, no lights, just pure darkness.

A mist began to form in the area.

" What is happening? " Sakiura asked.

Syaoran took Sakura's hand. " Listen, we are gonna have to stay close, you can get lost in the fog. " his face a little flushed.

" Right. " Sakura nodded.

They both walked ahead trying to see through the growing mist.

A cold breeze blew against them. Sakura trembled. " It's cold out..."

Syaoran stopped for a seconed and took off his his jacket, revealing his dark hunter green t-shirt. He handed the jacket to Sakura. " Here..." he said calmly. I would like to award myself for two I didn't blush..whoopie!..and I did somthing good for a change, Syaoran thought to himself.

"Are you sure Syaoran-kun?" Sakura looked at him.

" Yeah no problem. " his face started to turn red.

Dang it! He thought.

Sakura smiled brightly, " Arigatou Syaoran-kun! " she put it on. ( Even though it looked better on Syaoran XD ).

A sense stuck both of them. Syaoran lead through the mist, following his sense. The mist grew heavyer. They couldn't see a thing exept each other.

Suddenly a loud boom! crashed through the air. " What was that?! " Sakura gasped. Syaoran looked around, but the mist was to heavy and cloudy.

A evil laughter echoed.

" Baka children..."

" Dare?? " Sakura sensed even more power.

Syaoran sensed it too, his face showed it.

" So chiisai and helpless.."

" Show yourself! " Syaoran yelled.

Suddenly the fog dissapeared and the sky became dark and frighting.

" Okay! YOu wanna fight I'll give you fight! " Sakura cried.

" Key of Star.. Powers of Buring Light.. Reveal the Staff and shine your light! RELEASE!!! " Sakura summoned her wand.

The Star wand appeared.

" Thunder, Wind, Fire, Water, and sand.. Give me the sword of power and magic to my hand!! " Syaoran summoned his Sword.

Syaoran's sword appeared infront of him. He grabbed the shinning dragon sword in his left hand.

" Hah, nice toys...can I play too? HAHA" the voice continued.

Suddenly a whirlwind circled in front of them, making them cover their eyes. There appeared a woman with long black hair in a braided bun with spiral purple and black eyes.

She had a large black gem on her forhead and she was wearing a black tube top with spiked braclets on each wrist and a dark blood red skirt. Her knee high leather boots was as dark as the sky.

On her back was a frighting pair of black bat wings.

" Ah, so we last, Cardcaptor Sakura! " she laughed, showing her vampire teeth.

Syaoran tightend his grip on his sword.

" Sakura! " a fimmialiar voice called.

Sakura looked up and saw Keroberos standing on top of a building. " Watch your back! She's a demon!! " he leaped down to them.

" HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOE?!?!?! " Sakura was to scared to even move.

Isn't deon's the same as ghosts?? she thought.

" Even the big stong famous Keroberos wants to fight. Well too bad! " She lifted her arms.

Lighting came to her hands forming a tremendous energy force.

" RED THUNDER!!! " she screamed.

Suddenly in a flash of light a crashing bolt a red lighting came from her hands and came thrashing into Keroberos.

His body crashed into a building, making a big indent.

" KERO!!!!! " Sakura cried.

His body laided there, covered by stones and bricks.

Tears flowed down her eyes. The demon laughed, like if was hilarious to her. Syaoran was stunned. How could ANYTHING defeat Keroberos??

Sakura's face became filled with anger. " You...killed.....Kero!!!! " she cried. Syaoran looked to her. " Sakura don't! " She took out one of her Sakura cards and called its name..

" POWER CARD!! GRANT ME ALL YOUR STRENGTH!! " she hit the card with her wand and suddenly Sakura's body became stronger and more powerful.

" The clow cards, eh? Well that's not fair...Me against all you powerful cardcaptors? HAHAHA!" she laughed.

" Damare!! " Syaoran ran up to her.

He swung his sword at her fiercely. She dissapeared and came up from behind him.

" Syaoran!! Look out!! "

It was too late, the demon grabbed Syaoran and threw him across the ground.

" Ahh!! " he screamed as he was tossed.

" Razor Thrash!! " a lighting fast wind blazed at syaoran.

His arms became cut from the razor wind attack, feeling like large paper cuts rapidly cuting up his body.

" AHHHH!! "

He hit the ground with a loud clash.

" IIE! SYAORAN!! " she ran over ot him.

His shirt was torn at the sleeves and the bottom of his shorts were ripped up. And his ams and legs had cuts.

" Are you okay?! " she kneeled to him.

" Daijoubu.." he lied.

He forced himself to get up, but he couldn't.

" Iie! Don't get'll hurt yourself!! " Sakura's face flowed with tears.

Syaoran didn't listen. He kept trying to get up. His left cheek had a cut, blood trickling down his cheek.

" AHAHAHAHA! " the demon threw her head back with laughter.

She lifted him off the ground. He blushed alittle. She walked over to a bench and laided him there. " Stay here, promise me? " she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, fresh tears comign out of her eyes. " He closed his eyes and smiled.

" Itterasshai.." he said calmly. She let him go and faced up to the Demon.

" So, the Clow mistress herself, eh? Well this little girl? Ha! There is no how this could be her! " she smirked.

Sakura's face grew with anger and hate. " I am gonna kill you if it's the last thing I do! " her fists tightened.

" What? Her...power is growing?? " she gasped.

A white aura surround Sakura and the wand, making her glow with intense energy. Her whole body becoming powerful and incredibly invincible.

SYaoran opened his eyes and gazed at Sakura. " ...Clow Mistress Sakura......." he smiled, ""

Sakura's outfit turned into a white armor covering all of her body, her hair became braided into two buns with white ribbons tied into them.

She lifted her wand up and called, " Fly Card! ", the wand suddenly transformed with large angel wings. White feathers floating in the air. Sakura jumped onto her wand and zoomed up to the demon.

In a flash Sakura jumped from behind the demon. The demon turned around and reached for her. Sakura ducked. She jumped into the air and kicked the demon directly in the face.

The demon covered her face with her hands. " Errr! " she wiped her bleediing mouth. " You little brat! ". Sakura glared at her and held up her fist, with was electricity was surrounding.

Sakura raged up to her and uppercutted the demon in her jaw.

" Ahh! " she flew back, hitting the ground with a loud thud ( HAHAHA now look who's laughing!! XD )

Sakura jumped into the air and stomped onto the demons face.

" Ahh! " The demon faded and appeared behind Sakura.

The Clow mistrress flipped over the demon and took a spining kick into the demon's neck. Sakura jumped up high into the air.

" Ahh! " she demon fell down on the ground. " You little...the clow mistress...can she really be her???? "

" LIGHT CARD! Brighten the day again and ripp through this evilness! "

Sakura held up her winged wand. The starwand grew with light and purity and the sky became brighter.

" Ahhhhh! " the demon covered her eyes.

" Ittekimasu!! " the demon's body dissapeared.

The area became bright and unbearble to see through. The ground shoke with energy.

Syaoran's cuts began to fade away. He gasped and squinted through the light to see Sakura. " You did it.." he smiled.

He got up from the bench and stoud, " You did it Sakura...." his body then fell to the ground and fainted.

Sakura's eyes became pure white and the area was filled with light. The light from SAkura faded away and Sakura's eyes slowly closed. Her body fell and hit the ground.