That's me :)

Hello everyone, my name is Ceroberos, or what Sakura calls me Kero-chan.  My powers come from the sun, and i am the first guardian of the Clow Book.

Yue: Well, we wouldn't be in such a mess if you didn't fall asleep while guarding the Clow Book.

Kero: (sweat drop) It was an honest mistake, however everything turned out for the best, we have a new mistress, the book and the cards have changed and are in good hands.  Anyway, I choose Sakura to become our new master.  She didn't like it at first but I always there to help her.  I have given advise about each card she is trying to capture, and i also told her that this was not my true form.  But since the Firey card and the Earthy card was not capture, i was stuck in this form until they are.

Syaoran: well i never would of thought that the little stuff animal would be Ceroberos the guardian of the Clow Book. (cold stare at Kero)

Kero: (cold stare back) Want to take me on Kid....come on, let's go.

Sakura: KERO-CHAN!!!!

Kero: *sweat drop* Anyway, when they were capture I turned back into my original form.  I was happy, especially when Sakura won the Final Judgment with Yue.  Then I helped her change all the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards, it wasn't easy but we managed.  Then to my surprise, the reincarnation of Clow Reed was testing us.  At first we didn't understand...but he explained.

*Rubs eyes* I'm kind of tired, my eyes are sore...i'm going to go to bed.

Sakura: Kero-chan...wait, aren't you going to tell them a bit more about yourself before going to bed.

Kero: *looks at us* Ok...well,  I'll eat anything sweet, i don't like hot and spicey foods.  Ummmm...i love video games...actually i'm on one right now that's really tough, it's a racing game, my car is sooooooo cool, i'm on.......

Sakura: KERO-CHAN!!

Kero: *cough* I like sunflowers....and *yawn* favorite colors are red and orange...that's enough for today, i'm going to bed now.  Good-night!!!*starts to leave the room but peaks his head from around the corner* But...if any of you are making snacks call me.*he left the room*

That's my guardian looking aren't I