by Crystal-sama

Part 1 The Festival


Sakura yawned. Thank god school is over..she thought She sighed and told herself, " I am so taking a nap when I get home.." but then she remembered that she had to get Kero something to eat. She had told him that she would get him some doughnuts.

" Hey Sakura-Chan! " Tomoyo came up from behind Sakura. " Hey Tomoyo. " she replied. " I'm going to the candy store wanna come with? " Sakura invited Tomoyo. " Sure! But let me guess who wants the candy.." Tomoyo giggled.

" Kero-mun! " Tomoyo and Sakura said together, laughing.


They arrived at Sakura's house.

Sakura ran up to her bedroom door with Tomoyo. She opened the door. " Kero! I got them for you! ". " YAY! I was starving! " He flew out of the drawer. Sakura gave them to him. He chowed down on the fluffy doughnuts. " Hey Squirt, What's going on? " Touya's voice came from downstairs. Kero frozed. Sakura grabbed Kero and put him by her stufffed animals.

Tomoyo hid the doughnuts. The door opened.

" What is going on up here? " he pokedd his head through the door. " Nothing! Nothing! Really! " Sakura said, with a large smile on her face.

" Whatever. Hey, you gonna go to the festival? " Touya said. " What festival?! " Tomoyo and Sakura asked. " The festival that we are going to tonight. " Touya said. " Cool! We are going to the festival! " Sakura looked to Tomoyo. " Can she come? " She turned her head back to Touya. " Hm..I don't know. You should ask dad. " Touya said. " Okay! I'm sure He'll say yes! " Sakura said with happiness.

" I don't know. You'll probably get on his nerves.." Touya said. Sakura threw her pillow at the door. " Damare Touya-kun! " Sakura said. Touya closed the door.


They arrived at the festival. " So, where is your friend gonna meet you at? " Touya asked her. " At the entrace. " Sakura looked for her.

" Sakura! " Tomoyo came up behind her.

" Wow, Tomoyo-chan you look great! I love your kimono! " Sakura complimented.

" Thanks. I made it myself! " Tomoyo smiled. " Really? Wow..." Sakura said. " Hey dad.." Sakura asked. " Yes? " he turned to her. " Can me and Tomomyo-chan look around? " Sakura wondered. " I guess. But be careful. " he replied. " Okay thanks dad! " Sakura and Tomoyo took off. " Hey wanna go to the games? " Tomoyo asked.

" Sure! " Sakura said. They walked over to the games.

Sakura walked up to the ring tossing booth. " I wanna try! " she asked the man in the booth. " Okay, it's one dollar to try. " he said. Sakura gave him a dollar and he handed her a ring.

She constenstrated hard and tossed it. I landed right on the bottle! " Great job miss! " he handed her a stuffed light pink rabbit with a red ribbon across it neck. " Thanks! " she took the rabbit. " Wow, Sakura! He's a cute one! " Tomoyo said. " I know! " she replied.

Tomoyo and Sakura walked down the festival, looking at the pretty lights and checking out the stores. " Hey Sakura! " Tomoyo exclaimed. Sakura looked at her, " What? ". Tomoyo pointed forward, " Mei-lin and Syaoran are here! ".

Well she was right, Mei-lin was clinged to Syaoran's arm. " Hey! Mei-Lin! Syaoran! " Sakura waved.

Syaoran blushed. " Mei-lin get off. " he pulled his arm loose. ' But Syaoran! " Mei-lin wailed. Sakura and Tomoyo ran up to them. " What's up? " Tomoyo asked. " Nothing.." Syaoran said. Sakura smiled, " So why did you guys come? " Sakura asked. " Beacause we wanted to! " Mei-lin snapped. Tomoyo smiled, " Me and Sakura are going to go to the Charms Shop, wanna come? ". " Charms?! Come on! Syaoran let's go! " Mei-lin clinged to his arm again.

He blushed and pulled on his arm. " Let go Mei-lin." he grumbled. Sakura giggled. Syaoran turned redder, " Let go! Will you cut it out? " he pulled on his arm. " They look cute together, don't they? " Tomoyo giggled. Syaoran pulled his arm loose, his face turning a bright red. " Yah, cute. " Sakura giggled.

They walked to the charms shop. " Wow!! Syaoran! Aren't they pretty? " Mei-lin looked at the necklaces and bracelets. He didn't say anything. Tomoyo looked at them, " They are pretty! ". Sakura looked to Syaoran. " What's wrong? " she asked him. " Nothing..." he looked down, he didn't wanna see her, he would've probably start blushing. Sakura smiled, " Hold on. ". Andshe turned and walked down to another booth. Syaoran wondered what she was doing.

" Where's Sakura? " Tomoyo asked Syaoran. He shrugged. Mei-lin took one of the charm bracelets, " I want this one! " she told the guy at the stand. " That'll be five dollars. ". She pulled out a five dollar bill and gave it to him. He gave her the bracelet. " It's so pretty! " she went to Syaoran. " Isn't it beautiful? " she bragged. He said nothing. Mei-lin walked to Tomoyo, " You like it? " she said.

" Yeah it's really cool! " she complimented. The bracelet slipped out of her hand. " Oh no! " Mei-lin looked for it. " Where is it?! " Mei-lin paniced. Tomoyo helped her look for it. " I'll help you. " she said.

" Syaoran! " Sakura called him. Syaoran looked at her and walked over to her. " What? " he said. Sakura held up a green velvet kitten that had a blue bow on its neck. " Here! " she handed it to him.

Syaoran blushed a deep red. " I thought you looked bummed out, so..." she smiled, " I bought you this. ". " You...." Syaoran's face grew hotter., "....didn't have to.......". " It's okay..." she put it in his hand.

Mei-lin came up from behind Syaoran. " Why did you just leave me?! " she starred at him. " None of your buisness! " he snapped. Tomoyo came up to Sakura. " We had to look for Mei-lin's bracelet.." she said. " Did you find it? " Sakura asked. " Yeah.." Tomoyo replied.

" I have a full right to know where my future husband goes! " Mei-lin exclaimed. " You are way into to this engadement crap, Now shut up. " " he yelled at her.

" To bad, beacause we are going to marry anyway! " Meilin cried.

" I will never marry you if you was the last person on earth! " he said.

Mei-lin, Tomoyo and Sakura gasped.

" Then who do you like? " Mei-lin asked, hot tears going down her face.

Syaoran grunted, " Nobody. ".

" You never liked me anyways! " Mei-lin cried and ran off. " Mei-lin! " Sakura called to her. " Arn't you gonna go after her? " Tomoyo said to Syaoran. He shook his head. " Syaoran! " Sakura ran off to find her. Tomoyo ran off for her also.


Mei-lin sat down beside a wall. Her arms hugging her knees. " Mei-lin! " Sakura ran up to her. " What do you want? " she said. "I'm sure Syaoran didn't mean it, He-" Tomoyo came up to her. " Leave me alone! I never want to see Li-kun ever again! " she cried. " But Mei-lin...." Tomoyo said. Mei-lin snapped, " Go away! ". Sakura sighed and looked to Tomoyo. " Let's go...."


Sakura and Tomoyo walked up to Syaoran. " We found her..." Tomoyo said, Syaoran looked at her, " ..she dosn't want to be bothered....." Syaoran turned away. Sakura called to him, " Syaoran.. ". He turned back to her. " Is it true? That you didn't like her? ". He sighed and sat down on a bench, " I like her for a cousin, but for nothing else..".

Sakura looked at his hand, he was still holding the kitten she bought him.

" I shouldn't of yelled at her. " he confessed.

" You just got mad...." Tomoyo said. Sakura smiled to Syaoran. " Is there a way for me to cheer you up? " Sakura looked at him. He stoud there with a blank expression.