Hello everyone, in this section you will find websites that have helped me to bring me where i am today. I want to thank everyone in here. THANK YOU ssoooo much!!^^

A Wonderful site, Sora is very supportive and nice. Sora has been supporting me since the beginning and I really appricate it. Thanx Sora!!

What can i say about Kevin....he is very nice. Helped me with everything (even my layout), plus he is also supportive. Kevin is a very wonderful affiliate, and i thank him for being an affie, and being so supportive and helpful. Thank You Kevin.

Lissa is wonderful, her website helped me with everything, to knowing the colors, to how to do a table, adding images, everything. Now i know more about making my own layouts. Thanks Lissa!!

Anime Wallpapers has excellent wallpapers for your website, they are just beautiful, and i love them i use them often because they are wonderful.

I have used some of the pics on the website to put on mine (don't worry...i asked.)

I have borrowed some of her GIFS, to put on my side (no i did not steal them, i asked^^)