Chapter 8 Chapter 8

Blue Moon looked at her new master and smiled.
"Because Li dear...there are only 10 ancient dragons. They all posses an element within them. Fire, Ice, 
Lighting, Wind, Water, Light, Death, Time, Life, Earth. Right now you posses two, the Fire and the Wind 
dragon Card." Li looked at his two cards, he could feel their power. Blue Moon turned to Midnight...but 
she was no where to be found.
"Darn it...she disappeared again!!" Sakura walked up to Blue Moon.
"Blue Moon...may i ask you something." Blue Moon turned and looked at Sakura and nodded.
"How do you know Keroberos and Yue...and why does your aura seem like Clow Reed's...??" she asked 
politely. Blue Moon got smiled.
"In due time Sakura...but not right now, i shall take my leave. Good night master." And she took off. 
Yue was about to do the same.
"YUE!!!!" yelled both Sakura and Kero. Yue looked over his shoulder.
"What is going on, why do u keep following her?" asked Sakura, Yue droped his head.
"Because, she's important." and flew off. Sakura watched as Yue left.
"Yue....why can't u tell me??"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Next Day ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"So what do ya wanna do?" she asked
"I told you i don't know!!!" he yelled.
"What's wrong, why are you acting so strangely???" she asked.
"Why are you always bothering me!!!!" he yelled again.
Madison was listing to these people argue, she had just about enough and sauntered over to the yelling. 
She stopped in her tracks when she saw who it was.
"Li...what's wrong...did I do something wrong?" asked a tearful Sakura.
"No.....i'm sorry.." Li said quietly. Sakura put a hand on his shoulder.
"Please Li if something is bothering you, tell me." she said polietly.
"Just mind your own business!!!" Li yelled, and brushed her away, and left her there alone. Madison ran 
to Sakura.
"Sakura are you alright, what happened??" she asked her best friend.
"I don't know Madison...I don't know, i must have done something wrong.....or...hurt..." she couldn't 
finish her sentence she just started to cry. Madison hugged her best friend.

Li ran to the park. He sat on the bench, and looked up at the sky and sighed.
"What's wrong Li??" a voice asked. Li turned around and saw Sierra standing behind him.
"Nothing.." Sierra smiled and sat next to him.
"I know it's not nothing, i can tell, your my master after all." she giggled.
"NO I'M NOT!!!" he yelled at her. It caught Sierra by surprise.
"What..why do u say that, Li....???!!!" she asked. Li dropped his head.
"I'm sorry's just that..since i'm also a Cardcaptor, i'm affarid Sakura will get hurt, you say 
Midnight and these Dragon Cards are powerful, i just don't want to lose her......" Sierra smiled.
"Li darling, don't worry, Sakura has the cards to protect her. And she also has Yue and Kero aswell." Li 
"But....i love her so much....i just think something bad is going to happen." he said.
"And something bad is going to happen brat!!" Both Sierra and Li looked up and saw Midnight over them. 
Sierra got angry, and quickly changed to Blue Moon.
"What are you talking about?" Li asked. Midnight just smiled, and opened the book. She took out one of 
the cards.
"Oh dragon of Ice, hear me now....come before me and do my biding!!" and a huge ice dragon appeared, and 
started to freeze the whole town.
"NO!!! Stop it!!!" yelled Li. Blue Moon turend to Li.
"Li, this is an easy one, you know which one to use!!!" Li nodded and grabbed his key.
"Key of my Star, of ancient times, reveal my staff, and let my dragons shine..RELEASE!!" and he took out 
the a dragon card.
"Fire dragon, attacked Ice dragon!!" he hit the card with his staff and the huge Fire dragon appeared. 
The fire dragon blasted fire balls at Ice dragon, it was no match. The ice dragon fell to the ground 
"Sources of Light, hear my call, shine so bright, and let the dark fall, DRAGON CARD!" and he re-sealed 
the Ice dragon. The ice that covered the town disappered. Sierra smiled at Midnight.
"HA!!! That wasn't even a challenge!!" Midnight smirked at Li and her sister.
"Maybe not but how about this!!!" she took out the rest of the cards and looked at them
"Hmmmmm Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, which one will give a good show!!" Midnight said. She smiled when she 
found the one she was going to use.
"Found it, Oh dragon of Time, hear me now....come before me and do my biding!!" and medium size dragon, 
with a time clock around his neck appeared.
"Oh no!!" said Sierra. Li just looked at her.
"What's so special about the Time dragon??" Li asked.
"Unlike the Time card, the Dragon Card can stop time for weeks, months, even years!!" she said.
"WHAT!!!" Midnight smiled.
"That's right!! Bye everyone, i won't see you...for a very long time!!!" Midngiht just started to laugh.