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Li looked at the dragon card in his hand, he was dumbfounded. He didn't know what to say, he didn't understand any of it. Midnight just growled and took off. Li then looked at Blue Moon

"I don't understand....why am I a dragon card captor? Why can't Sakura capture these cards? I'm so confused...." Li looked back down at his card.

Blue Moon smiled at him.

"Li....these are not Clow Cards made by Clow Reed, these are different cards. Sakura was chosen by Yue and KeroBeros to be the Clow Cards' new master, while I chose you to be the Dragon Cards master...understand?"

Li looked at her.

"So your my guardian...and I have cards aswell....but what about Midnight? She is also my guardian right?"

Blue Moon looked up at the sky.

"Well, yes and no. You see i did make her the guardian of the cards aswell, but since she was ruled by the dark side of the moon, her heart became evil, and her soul detoriated. She then wanted to be the Clow Cards and the Dragon Cards new master, but since Yue and KeroBeros already did that..i had to aswell, or she would of had control over them and the whole world would be in termoral." Yue and KeroBeros looked at Blue Moon.

"I we havt to get the book back aswell as all of the cards." asked Li. Blue Moon nodded. Madison came finally came out of the bushes with little stars in her eyes.

"WOW! Now i get to tape Li capturing Cards...I have to make new wardorbe, and I'll make a video memorial of both you and Sakura." Both Li and Sakura did a little sweat drop thing.

"Well I have to get going....don't worry Li...I'll protect you." and with that Blue Moon left.

Yue looked at Sakura, showing no emotion.

"I, too will take my leave." and again before Sakura could protest, Yue flew in the direction of Blue Moon.

"What is with those two...Kero do you know anything about it?" KeroBeros looked at Sakura.

"I'm sorry Sakura....when the time is right everything will be revealed." And with that Madison, Sakura and Kero all went home.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Following Night~~~~~~~~~~~~

Midnight flew to the park and hovered there.

" dare she, she gave her key to that little punk...i won't stand for this."

She opened the Dragon Book and took out another dragon card.

"Oh dragon of Wind, hear me now....come before me and do my biding!" And with that she threw the card into the air, and a huge Blue/Green like Dragon appeared and started to form a huge hurrican through-out the city.

Blue Moon, who was following her sister, hid behind a tree.

"They better arrive soon." She closed her eyes.

"Kero...Yue our masters are needed come to the park quick!"

Kero, who was playing a racing game, just froze in place.

"Sakura...let's go we are needed, phone the kid and let's get going!"

Sakura didn't understand at first...but she did what she was told.

Li, Sakura, Yue, and KeroBeros finally made it to the park. It was winder then before and they noticed Midnight and the Blue/Green dragon reacking the city.

"Blue Moon...what's going on here?" asked Li.

"Midnight has summoned the Wind have to capture it...but the Fire Dragon alone can't need Sakura's Star Cards aswell." they both nodded and took out their keys.

"Key of the Star, with powers burning bright, reveal the staff, and shine your light. RELEASE." said Sakura.

"Key of my Star, of ancient times, reveal my staff, and let my dragons shine..RELEASE" said Li.

And they both reveled their staffs. Sakura went first.

"TIME!!" and froze everyone in place except for Li.

Li took out his Fire dragon card.

"FIRE DRAGON, form a fire wall and trap Wind Dragon!" The Fire dragon appeared and blew a firey blast towards the Wind Dragon, and fromed a cage, like wall around it.

Then time lost it's effect. And the Wind Dragon noticed that it was trapped. Li walked up to it.

"Sources of Light, hear my call, shine so bright, and let the dark fall, DRAGON CARD!" and a small like dragon shape surrounded the Wind Dragon and re-sealed it. The card floated back into Li's hand.

"Well done have capture two of the ten dragon cards.." Li and Sakura looked up at Blue Moon.

"What do you mean?? Are you saying there are only ten cards...but why?" asked Li.