~~~~~~~~~The Next Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sierra woke up and noticed that she was back at her own place. She looked around for Julian, but he was nowhere to be found. Sierra sat up, and a tear formed in her eye.

"Was it all just a dream....did i imagine that my sister found me...and did i dream that i was back in Yue's arms after all this time..." Sierra opened the drawer on the night stand beside her bed, she frowned when she noticed that the book wasnt' there. Sierra started to cry a bit, then a bit harder and flopped back into bed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Junior High School~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sakura sat on the bench during lunch, she looked up at the warm sun. She tried to smile, and be happy since this was the last day of school, but the other night kept bothering her. She didn't understand anything of it. And Kero was no help either. Why did she come here now? Is she friend or Foe? How does she know Clow Reed? Why does Kero and Yue know her? So many questions raced through her mind that she didn't know that Madison and Li were standing infront of her

"Sakura....Sakura....come in Sakura"

Sakura got out of her little daze and saw Li and Madison.

"Hi...sorry guys...."

Madison looked at her friend with concern.

"Li told me everything...are you alright Sakura"

Sakura looked at Madison and forced a smile

"I'm fine don't worry about me...so is anyone going anywhere special during the summer holidays?" Sakura asked.

"Nope..staying here..and since there are other cards..I'm hoping to film you capturing them." Madison said with little stars in her eyes. Sakura looked at her friend (with the little sweat drop thingy going on) and smiled.

"Meilin asked me if I was coming back, same with Mother...I told them both what was going on." Li said. Sakura just nodded.

"I don't know if i can capture these cards. My star wand is only for Clow Cards....I don't know if i can do it."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~After School In the middle of the city~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Midnight opened the book and took out the first dragon card.

"Oh dragon of Fire, hear me now....come before me and do my biding!" And with that she threw the card into the air, and a huge Fire Dragon appeared and started to fly around and started to flame buildings and scare the people in the streets.

Yue, Kero, Sakura, Li, and Madison ran towards the center of the city. Madison hid (just enough to be taping), while the rest of them stood in fighting stance.

"Kero, Sakura, Yue....!!" yelled Blue Moon. Everyone looked at her.

"Blue Moon...what's going on?" asked Sakura. Blue Moon looked at her sister.

"Midnight has relased one of the dragon cards if nobody seals it...Midnight will have control over it..and it will never be able to be sealed." Blue Moon looked at Sakura.

Sakura looked at her Star Wand Necklace.

"Key of the Star, with powers burning bright, reveal the staff, and shine your light. RELEASE."

"WATERY" and the watery card went and singed the fire dragon. It hurt it but not enough. Sakur stared at the huge red beast.

"Watery...Windy" she called apon them both and that did the trick. The fire dragon went down.

"I call upon the power of my star, ancient forces near and far, clow cards, transfer all your might, and draw your power from my light, STAR CARD." and Sakura tried to seal it, but it just won't work. Sakura looked at everyone.

"Why can't i do it....why can't i change it?" she kept asking.

Midnight started to laugh.

"My dear..dear sweet child, you have earned already the power of your own star, these cards need a new, stronger, more powerful star. And that is me."

Blue Moon came up beside everyone.

"She is right Sakura you can't seal them, they need a new fresh, star.." Blue Moon looked at Li. Li just stood back.

"Me?!?!?!? Why me?" Li asked.

"Because...your star is shinning just as brightly as Sakura's, also your a decendant of Clow Reed..your the one." Blue Moon took off her dragon pendant and gave it to Li.

"This is your key, you must find the power withing you." Li grabbed the dragon pendant. And he looked at Midnight.

"Key of my Star, of ancient times, reveal my staff, and let my dragons shine..RELEASE" the pendant shone brightly, and it changed into a staff. On the top was a huge dragon like claw, the claw held a blue stone, and attacked to the bottom of the claw are dragon wings. Li looked at the Fire Dragon.

"Sources of Light, hear my call, shine so bright, and let the dark fall, DRAGON CARD!" and a small dragon image floated and surroned the dragon and transformed into it's normal form.