Sakura and Li sat on the bench while Blue Moon explained everything...well almost everything. "I was a powerful sorceress in the days of Clow Reed, and when I heard he made magical cards, called Clow Cards, I wanted to do the using my magical powers I made cards aswell..just as powerful as Reed's Clow Cards. I used the power of the ancient dragons to make my cards. There are know as the 'Dragon Cards'..also the book, 'The Dragon Book' needed two guardians. So I made myself a guardian..the Blue Moon guardian...while my sister..i made her the Dark Moon guardian...which was a big mistake...and...." but before she could finish Blue Moon felt a little light head, and swad back and forth. Yue caught her before she fell.

"Blue Moon!" said both Yue and Sakura.

Yue looked at Sakura.

"I'm going to take her back to my place..don't worry she'll be fine." and before Sakura could protest, Yue was off with Blue Moon in his arms. Li crossed his arms.

"I don't know...i don't trust her, even though she's a so called 'guardian'." Sakura looked at Li.

"Yeah....I never heard of these 'Dragon Cards' Clow Reed didn't say anything to me about it. Kero do you know about these cards?" she asked. But Kero just watched Yue leave.

"Yue.....please...don't do anything drastic" he mumbled to himself.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Julian's apartment~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sierra woke up and looked around.

"This isn't my apartment...where am I?" she asked herself.

"No this is my room." Julian said as he walked into where Sierra was laying.

Sierra sat up quickly..but then she felt dizzy again and laid back down.

"Julian....what am I doing in your apartment?" Sierra asked.

Julian smiled, " see, I brought you here, actually my other half did." Julian smiled at Sierra.

"You know he was worried about you, and so am I."

Sierra's face turned a little bit red. Julian just smiled, and reached to grab Sierra's hand.

Sierra looked up and was face to face with Yue. Tears formed in her eyes, and turned into Blue Moon


"Blue Moon...what are you doing here..are you okay?" Yue asked with concern on his face. Sierra just smiled.

"I'm fine...oh Yue I've missed you so much." and she got up and hugged him.

"Ever since father died...then you and KeroBeros disappeared, I was so alone, and my sister was after i fled scared..and for some reason I fled here, I felt a warm aura coming from this city."

Yue smiled, "Well that answers my question on 'Why you were here'."

Blue Moon looked at Yue and smiled, even though there were tears running down her eyes.

"Well now Midnight has the cards..we must get them back, they...need a new owner..." Yue's eyes widen with shock

"But who....?" asked Yue

"I don't know...i just don't know, but if they don't find a new owner soon, they will rightfully become Midnight's." Blue Moon started to cry again, Yue just held her tightly, never wanting to let her go.