Midnight smiled at her frighten sister.

"Finally we meet again...you know how trouble some you are." Sierra moved back a little and was about to flee when Midnight grabbed her arm.

"I don't think so sis......your not getting from me that easily..now hand it over." Sierra looked down at the book she was holder, she held it tighter.

"No, get away from me..." Sierra tried to wiggle herself free.

Sakura, Li, KeroBeros, and Yue flew all the way to the park. They looked towards the sky and noticed the two girls.

"What's going on here?" asked Sakura.

Yue looked up, he stared at the women with blue hair. He tighten his fists, trying to control himself. Sakura and Kero looked at him.

"Yue...what's wrong?" she asked

"Yue...don't..." started Kero. But he couldn't finish, Yue was off in their direction.

"YUE!!! Come back!!" yelled Sakura. But he just ignored her.

"Come on sis...i don't have all day...give me the book. NOW!" Midnight yelled.

"I'll never give it to you, you'll have to kill me first."

Black energy crystals started to form in Midnight's hand.

"Fine if that's how you want it...goodbye little sister." and was about to hit her when all of a sudden Yue flew infront of Sierra.

"I don't think so." Yue said

Midnight smiled."Well, Well...the brave old Yue has come to the rescue, i still can't believe your still around, oh well, that can change aswell." and was about to attack Yue when Sakura stopped her.

"WINDY" and Windy blew a gust of wind towards Midnight, just enough to get her attention.

Midnight looked down at Sakura.

"Ahhhh..you must be the cards new mistress...how pathetic you look...and KeroBeros..long time no see." Midnight looked at Kero. Kero just gave her a cold look. Midnight smiled

"Well, i see this has become a renion party..well i have no time." Midnight started to charge up. Above her formed a black energy ball, she threw it towards Sierra, and Yue. Yue turned around and protected Sierra. But the energy ball was too strong, and they started to fall down to the ground.

"WINDY" again Sakura used windy to help break their fall.

Sierra opened her eyes and looked at Yue. "Thank-you"

"Actually I gotta thank-you sis..." Sierra and Yue looked at Midnight

Midnight showed what was in her hand.

"NO! She has the book...I have to get it back" yelled Sierra. But Yue kept held her down.

"Hahahahah...see ya...." and with that Midnight took off into the night.

Sierra tried to wiggle free from Yue's grasp.

"Please Yue let me go..i have to go after her..."

"No, we'll find her, just not right now...she's too powerful." Yue said with concern in his eyes. Sierra looked at him at calmed down. Yue loosen his grip, and helped her up. Sakura and Li came up to her and Yue.

"Yue are you alright?" Yue nodded. Sakura looked at the women.

"Who are you? And what was that book she had...and how do you and her know about Kero and Yue?" Sakura asked. Sierra looked at Sakura and smiled.

"My name is Sierra or should I say Blue Moon...I am the guardian of the Dragon Book, and all the Dragon Cards." Yue came up to Blue Moon and put his hand on her back...making sure no one notices. Sakura and Li just looked at Sierra.

"WHAT! Are you saying there are other Cards, besides Clow Cards." both of them asked.