She finally got there, excatly where her sister was. She went from place to place, trying to figure out where she was hiding.

"You can't hide from me forever little one, he finally told me where you were.... he's going to be sorry that he did where are you hiding....."

Sierra was still in the park, looking up at the bright moon, holding a weird looking book. Then all of a sudden she stood up and started to look around.

"Oh no....she found me....what am I going to do...she's close." Sierra looked up at the moon, and closed her eyes, and then a bright flash. Two huge dragon wings surrounded her body, and then another bright flash, and she was in a strange outfit. She had a long blue skirt on with two slits on the side, a white belly shirt, a belly chain, a gold anklet, a gold braclet, and a gold necklace with a dragon claw pendant hanging from it. This claw held a blue crystal, which shone brightly. She also had two blue dragon wings from her back. Sierra looked at the sky, and took off.

Kero's head jolted up, he looked at the moon.

"Blue Moon......"
he mumbled to himself.

Downstairs Sakura and Julian could feel this weird aura. They looked at each other. Tori just looked at them weird. And then Kero came downstairs.

"Sakura....something's not right...did u feel it?" he asked

Both Julian and Sakura nodded. Again Tori just looked at them.

"Ummmmm...can somebody tell me what's going on please?"

Sakura looked at her big brother and gave him a warm smile.

"I'm sorry big brother..but Julian and I have to go.....we'll be back later." Sakura looked at Julian, who now tured into Yue, and nodded at him.

And with that Kero, Sakura, and Yue went towards the aura. But then Sakura stopped, Yue and Kero looked at her.

"What's wrong?" asked Yue.

"I know this's Clow Reed's..." everyone looked at her, with no surprise.

Sakura looked at them

"You knew it was Clow's aura.....but that can't be, Eriol is back in how can it be Clow's aura...

Yue and Kero looked at each other

"Sorry Sakura...we need to figure out something first" said Yue

"Sakurrrraaaa..." yelled a voice.

Sakura looked over her should

"Li....did you feel it.."

"Yeah..." Sakura looked at Li.

"'s Clow Reed's aura......" Li looked at her

"No it can't be..Eriol's back in England."

"Come on...let's get going" yelled a now transformed Kero. So they kept running towards the aura

Sierra flapped her wings as hard as she could, trying to find a place to hide. She kept looking over her back, making sure she wasn't being followed. She still held the book in her hands. Then all of a sudden she bumped into her.

"Hello sis." said the women in black with the bat wings. Sierra looked up at her sister terrified

"Midnight...." she mumbled