She stood their in the freezing rain. Every little drop, just as cold as the next. A smile grew across her face.

"I will find u can't hide the dragon cards and from me forever."

The women was dressed in all black, her hair was in a long braid black, with purple highlights, also she had black bat wings on her.

"There is one person who will tell me where you are sis, and when I find him....he'll be sorry that he ever made you..." the women then started to laugh and then flew away.

She sat at the park, reading a fiction novel, her black/blue hair blowling slightly in the wind. She was enjoying the book when a shadow came up to her. She was startled and turned around.

"'s you." she smiled.

Sakura smiled and sat down next to the women.

"We seem to bump into each other a lot." Sakura said.

The women nodded.

"Where are my manners...I'm sorry, my name is Sierra Lumina"

Sakura looked at her and smiled "My name is Sakura Avalon"

Sierra smiled "Well..nice to meet you Sakura."

They shook hands, and when they did Sakura felt an familiar aura coming from Sierra. Sakura looked at the smiling women. Sakura pulled her hand free, and looked down at it

"Is something wrong?" asked Sierra, looking at Sakura with confusion

Sakura shook her head no, and smiled at Sierra. It was quiet for a few minutes, then Sakura finally got the nerve to ask Sierra why she is always leaves all of a sudden. But before she could she heard a familiar voice

"Sakura.....!!!!!!!" yelled Julian. He ran up to where they were. Sakura forced a smile

"Julian...what are you doing here?" asked Sakura

Julian looked at Sakura

"Well I was just coming to visit Tori when i saw you here with..." he stopped, and looked at Sierra, who was almost in tears.

"Is there something wrong?" asked Julian

Sierra looked at Julian

" the wind....well i have to get going...nice to meet you Sakura," she looked at Julian, "bye Julian......." and with that she ran off

Sakura looked at Sierra walking away

"I'm sorry Julian....anyway let's go home, it's finally Tori's turn to cook."

"Yeah he's making spaggetti for supper, i can't wait." Julian walked with Sakura, but turned his head slighty in the direction that Sierra took off in

"Who are you...?" he mumbled quietly

Sakura and Julian arrived at Sakura's house. They walked in, and Julian smelt the air.

"Mmmmmmmmm something smells good, I guess your brother didn't burn supper like he did last time" said Julian

"I heard that" said Tori, who was in the kitchen.

"Ummmm...i have a few things i have to do first, I'll be right back." and with that said Sakura ran upstairs. When she got to her room, she saw Kero playing video games. Sakura walked to her bed and sat down."

"So how was the park?" asked Kero, not even taking his eyes from his video game.

Sakura looked down at her hand

"To tell you the truth, I saw that women again, her name is Sierra, and when we shook hands......." Sakura paused for a moment. Kero just looked at her

"Yeah and?" Kero asked, waiting in suspence.

"And...I seems like Clow's energy...but Eli is in England....and that can't be right....Kero what's going on."

Kero just looked at Sakura, with a guilty face on.

"Probably nothing Sakura, it can't be Clow's energy, your over imagining things."

But before Sakura could tell Kero that she was certain that it was Clow's energy, her brother yelled at her to come down for supper.

"All right, I'm comming" she yelled back at her brother. With that she ran downstairs.

Kero looked at the moon.

"No it can't be......I wonder if Yue has noticed or can't be her." he mumbled to himself.