Chapter 10

Syaoran woke up in a sweat.

“Sakura…” he mumbled.  Then he noticed a shadowy figure in his room, he grabbed his sword.

“Who are you? What do you want?” he asked.  The shadowy figure walked into the moonlight.  Syaoran sighed.

“Damn it Blue Moon, don’t scare me like that.” He said. Blue Moon gave him a weak smile.

“Sorry Syaoran…” she said.  Syaroan sat up and looked at his guardian.

“Why are you here? Is something wrong?” he asked.  Blue Moon gave him a stern look.

“Something is wrong…I feel something bad is going to happen.”  Syaoran’s eyes widen with fear.

“Sakura….” He mumbled.



Syaoran and Blue Moon went through the door, and quickly ran up stairs.  They opened the door, and saw that no one was around.  On the bed was Kero, who was tied up with magical ropes.  Blue Moon quickly went to him and un-tied him.  Touya then ran through the door and saw Syaoran and another women in Sakura’s room.

“What happened? Where’s Sakura?” Touya asked and looked at Syaoran.  Syaoran’s face turned red.

“I don’t know, when we came here, Kero was tied up, and Sakura wasn’t in here.” He said.  Touya looked at Blue Moon.

“Who are you?” he asked.  Blue Moon looked at Touya and smiled.

“I’m a friend.” She said. 

When Kero was un-tied he took a breath.

“*Cough*…Sakura…is she still here?” Kero asked.  Kero looked at Syaoran and Blue Moon, he knew the answer.

“Damn it!!” he said.  Syaoran looked at Kero.

“Do you know what happened?” he asked.  Kero sighed.

“No….I was surprised…I didn’t have time to react.”  Blue Moon looked outside of Sakura’s bedroom.

“I know who did it.” She said.  Then Kero, Touya, Blue Moon, and Syaoran left Sakura’s room, and stopped half-way down the block.

“Ok…let’s split up, Midnight must be here somewhere.” Said Kero.  They all nodded and took different ends of the city.

            Midnight stood on top of a building, watching the four go nuts, trying to find Sakura.  A smile appeared upon her lips.

“hahahhahahaha how fun this is.”  She took one of the cards, and smiled.



Everyone met back at where they started.

“No luck?” asked Touya.  Everyone shook their head.  Touya sighed.  Then all of a sudden it started to rain.

“What happened? It was clear night a moment ago…..” said Kero.  Everyone looked up.  They noticed a blue medium size dragon.

“Water Dragon…” Blue Moon mumbled.  She looked at Syaoran, he nodded and took out his key.

"Key of my Star, of ancient times, reveal my staff, and let my dragons shine..RELEASE!! And he stood into fighting position.

“Syaoran..this isn’t easy…you have to use two cards, it is very dangerous, do you think you can do it?” Blue Moon asked.  Syaoran took out the two cards he was going to use.

“I can do it!!” he yelled.

“Fire Dragon, Wind Dragon..come to my aid, defeat Water Dragon!!” and the staff hit the two cards, and the fire dragon and wind dragon surrounded the water dragon.  The water dragon fell to the ground.

"Sources of Light, hear my call, shine so bright, and let the dark fall, DRAGON CARD!" and he re-sealed the water dragon card.  The card went into his hand. Then all of a sudden an evil laughter filled the air.

“Hahahahahah…you caught another card…good for you.” Then they heard an applause, and seen a shadowy figure walked towards them through the fog.  They knew exactly who it was.

“Midnight…..” mumbled a transformed Kero. 

“That’s right” said Midnight and winked at him.  Kero tried to attack her, but using her powers she caught him in the air, and threw him against a wall.

“Go away..” she said.  Midnight then walked to Syaoran and Blue Moon they where about to attack her.

“I don’t think so….” And pointed to the sky.  Syaoran, Touya and Blue Moon gasped.

“SAKURA!!” they all yelled.  Sakura was all tied up and floating in the sky.

“What do u want Midnight??” asked Syaoran.

“Well….let’s see, I want the cards that you have….all 5.” Said Midnight, Blue Moon smiled.

“Don’t you mean 6.” Said Blue Moon.  Midnight gave her a odd look.

“This little brat has only caught 5 where is the 6th one?” she asked. Blue Moon smiled and pointed to small, charm that was dangling from the end of Syaoran sword.  Syaoran took out his sword and looked at the charm.  As soon as he touched it the charm started to glow, and it changed into a card.  Syaoran’s eyes widen.  Midnight was not impressed, she had an angry look on her face.  Blue Moon smiled.

“As you can see, Syaoran is destined for this.  This card is the Light Dragon, a gentle Dragon, that always stays with their master or mistress who has a pure and kind heart, which is Syaoran.”  Said Blue Moon.  Midnight was very upset.

“Damn it!!!” and took off with Sakura.

“Sakura!!!!!!!” yelled Touya. 

“I don’t feel so good, I feel a little light headed.” Said Syaoran.  And fainted, but Kero caught him before he hit the ground.  Blue Moon walked over to him.

“Don’t worry, we will get the cards, the book, and Sakura back.” Promised Blue M