Clow Card/Sakura Card Information

Hello all you CCS/CC fans.  Welcome to the Clow card and Sakura card information page.  

    As you all know Card Captor Sakura is about a 10 year old girl that capture Clow Cards.  But what are Clow Cards you ask.  Well I'll tell ya.  Clow Cards a magical cards that a powerful sorcerer created.  His name was Clow Reed.  He not only made the Clow Cards but he also made Yue and Ceroberos, the guardians of the Clow Cards.

Now Sakura Cards are the Clow Cards, expect changed.  They still have the same abilities, but they draw their magical ability from Sakura.  See...she had to do this because, since she re-sealed all the cards, and put her name on them...they began to lose their Sakura had to change them.  Kind of cool eh?

    Anyway, each Clow Card/Sakura Card has their own magical power within them.  There are 52 (I'm pretty sure) cards that Clow Reed made.  The following is a list of each Clow Card/Sakura Card and the powers that they possess.

Arrow-Shoots one or multiple arrows towards a target.

Big-Makes a certain object (like a person or something) grow larger

Bubbles-makes bubbles

Change - changes things

Cloud - makes clouds

Create - creates things that you want

Dark - Makes light into darkness

Dash - Makes you go faster

Dream - Makes dreams inside someone's head

Earthy - It controls the earth (an element Card)

Erase - erases anything, making it disappear

Fight - increases your fighting ability

Firey - attacks or does anything that involves fire (another element card)

Float - makes anything float into the air

Flower - creates flowers

Fly - enables Sakura to fly

Freeze - Makes things freeze

Glow - makes little fire-fly things that glow

Illusion - Makes things that people think that are there

Jump - Enables Sakura to jump high

Libra - Balances things that are not in balance

Light - Opposite of Darkness, lights things up

Little - Shrinks objects or people

Lock - Locks things that needs to be locked

Loop - repeats things

Maze - creates an confusing maze

Mirror - reflects an image of anyone, kind of like a clone

Mist - makes fog

Move - moves objects

Power - gives you strength

Rain - makes rain

Return - allows you to return to a distance past

Sand - creates sand

Shadow - creates a shadow of something

Shield - creates a barrier that protects

Shot - shoots a target

Silent - Makes anything quiet around them

Sleep - Makes someone or many people go to sleep

Snow - Creates snow

Song - sings a lovely song

Storm - makes any type of storm

Sweet - makes food sweet

Sword - a sword appears

Through - allows you to go through stuff

Thunder - attacks someone with a powerful lighting spell

Time - stops or slows down time

Twin - makes a double of something

Voice - duplicates a voice of someone

Water - attacks with the power of Water (another element card)

Wave - creates waves

Windy - attacks with the power of wind (last of the four elements)

Wood - use the power of wood (very gentle card)