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Part 5

Angel Crystal

They walked up to Syaoran's house. He opened the door and let them in.

" Beautiful house Syaoran..." Tomoyo complimented.

" Arigatou Tomoyo-chan.." He thanked.

They walked to his room. " It should be in here..." he searched underneath his bed.

Sakura watched Syaoran as he pulled out the black lazen board and stoud up. " Okay we got it.." Tomoyo said, " Now what? "

" Follow me.." Syaoran walked out of the rooom.

They came out side by the garden.


He pulled out his board and closed his eyes.

The lazen board started to glow a golden color.

Sakura and Tomoyo watched in amazement. Syaoran was whispering something, but they couldn't tell what.

The lazen board then became it's normal self.

Syaoran opened his eyes. " So? " Tomoyo waited. " A demon world..." he said.

" WHAT?! " Sakura and Tomoyo gasped.

" Everyone has been trapped inside the demon world..."

" The demons are desroy lives to keep the people's life energy" he seriously looked at them. " We are the only ones who can defeat them..."

" Is that were they all are? The demon world? " Tomoyo asked.

" Yes.......but the way to get them back is to desroy the Demon Quenn Nishiro.."

" Is there many demons? " Sakura looked to him.

" Yes...."

" But how come Tomoyo is still here even though she has no magic? "

" You are the reason Sakura..." Syoaran turned to her.

" Me?! " she gasped.

" You power protected the ones you love and cherish..and the ones with strong powers...."

" Then how come my family wasn't protected?! " her voice was sad..

" I don't know...all I know is...that Tomoyo was protected and so...was I....." he looked at her watery emerald eyes, " I would of been gone too...but you protected me......" he smiled. Sakura suddenly blushed. " Yeah.."

Sakura's stomach growled. " Eheheheheh....^_^;.. " she scratched the back of her head.


" How are we soppose to know what to do?? We don't no which way to go to get to this demon quenn..." Sakura said scared.

" If only we had Kero..." Tomoyo sighed.

They've been walking around the town for any clues, but nothing. Sakura was depressed and frustrated, and they had no clue on what to do.

Sakura walked passed her broken wand and looked at it for a minute. Tomoyo saw Syoaran leaning against a lamp post. " I'll be right back. "

Tomoyo walked over to him.

" What is it? " SYaoran asked. " You gotta tell her.." she looked athhim. " What?! At his time? That'll even make her more depressed! " Syaoran jumped from the lamp post. " You have to....just at least try to cheer her up. She's been sad ever since everyone dissapeared! "

Syaoran blsuhed, " Okay.."

Sakura was on the grass with her arms around her knees. Next to her was her broken star wand.

Syaoran walkd to her and sat next to her.
" I'm sorry Syaoran..."

" For what? " he asked.
" If I caused you any pain or trouble...."

" It's not your fault.." he scooted closer to her.

Tears started to roll down her face, " I miss my dad, Touya, and all of my friends! "
" We'll get them back...I know we will. "

Her eyes flown with tears. Syaoran's heart filled with pain. " Pleae don't cry Sakura-chan.." he looked away, he couldn't bare see her hurt.

She looked at him and her eyes became more watery. " And the truth is...."

Syaoran looked at her with his choco eyes.

" I would't bare to lose you or tomoyo guys are so speaical to me...."

Syaoran blushed hard and wrapped his arms around her.

(  :p~~ drool )

She hugged him back, feeling warm and his arms...she relized how much Syaoran means to her now..the've become so much of friends...but Sakura felt somtihng diffrent about him...somtihng unexplainable...

He let go off her and gently wiped her tears away. " Don't cry Sakura.."

She smiled, " Arigatou Syaoran-kun..."

Syaoran blushed and stoud up.

" No problem.."

Tomoyo smiled at the two. She looked at Sakura and thought, Sakura you and Syaoran were ment to be!

Syaoran glanced over to the wand.

It was glowing!

" Sakura! The wand! " he gazed.

Sakura looked at the wand as it's peaces came together..

The wand floated into the air. A white light shined from it, blinding Sakura and Syaoran.

Suddenly the light faded and a new wand appeared in Sakura's right hand.

The wand was longer and white. It had a moonstone with wings attached to it.

" What? " Sakura gasped as she opened her eyes.

" ...the Sakura Moon Wand..." Tomoyo said from behind them.

" How do you? " Syaoran looked at her. Tomoyo put her hand on her head, " I...don't know.." Sakura gazed at the Sakura Moon Wand. It shined in her hand and glisled through the sun.

Syaoran suspisously looked at Tomoyo. But then Sakura sotud up. " How did this..." she looked at the wand.

" Your love and sorrow created it..." Tomoyo said in a strange voice.

Sakura turned to face her. Her eyes were blank and her body was faintly....


No way...that can't be...she isn't..she is just in the light...Sakura looked at her. " Tomoyo? " Sakura shoke her. Tomoyo snapped out of it, " What? " she put her hand on her head. " My forehead...." Sakura looked at her worringly, " You should sit down..." Tomoyo smiled, " No...I'm...okay. "

Sakura looked to the wand.
It glew with light.

She held it in both her hands and whispered, " me where the Demon Quenn is...."

Suddenly a white light shone at Sakura.

She closed her eyes and suddenly the light shone brighter. Syaoran and Tomoyo squinted.

"  Find the Angel Crystal....
A book is the key to the stone.....
Underneath the stars the door will open..."

A voice told Sakura.

Syaoran saw the light fade away.

Sakura opened her eyes and blinked. " So? " Syaoran waited. " Underneath the stars the door will open..." she thought.

" What? "

" Syoaran..have you heard of the Angel Crystal? "

"'s the most powerful magic Crystal in the universe...why? " Syaoran looked at her. " Okay..."

Sakura froze.
So did Syaoran.

" What is it? " Tomoyo asked.

" Come on! " Syaoran ran down the street.

They followed him. 


" It sense that it is here.." Sakura pointed to the old store.

" Let's go in.." Syaoran opened the door.

THe place was empty and cold. Dusty shelves filled with china, books, and candels.

" Weird.." Tomoyo's voice echoed through out the store.
Sakura stopped and looked at a aisle.

She walked down the path and saw a small desk with old papers and a ink feather, thedrawer of the desk half open. A small mirror was placed on top of the papers.

Suddenly she saw a shimmering object in the dawer. She pulled open the drawer all the way and saw an old gray book with a silver crystal on the cover with a silver lock.

" What did you find? " Syaoran came up form behind Sakura.

She jumped. " You scared me! "
" Sorry. " he looked at the book.

" has a lock on it..." Sakura tried to pry it open. " Die!" she hit the book.

It popped open.
" Oopps..^_^;;"

The opened the book and peered at the..
blank pages?

" Well that was a waste! " Sakura sighed.

" Wait! " Syaoran leaned over Sakura and flipped over to the back cover.

A folded paper fell out.
Sakura picked it up.

She unfolded it and it read,

' Ynitsed ym ot rood eht nepo ot uoy nommus I,latsyc legna '

" But that don't make any sense! " Sakura sighed, " We'll never get them back..."

" Wait.." Syaoran picked up the mirror and reflected the paper on it.

" It was all backwards! " Sakura gasped.

" How did you know? " Sakura looked at him.

" Lucky guess? " he smiled.

They read the paper in the mirror.

' Angel Crystal, I summon you to open the door to my destiny.. '

Sakura gapsed, " That crystal! It's..." she flipped to the frontcover where the shimmering crystal was.

" It's here! "

Syaoran pulled it out and examined it. " Yeah it is! It has the carving.." he pointed at it.

sure anough there was a sign carved into the crystal.

" Syaoran.." Sakura looked around her. " Where's Tomoyo? "

" I don't know..." he turned around.

" Tomoyo? " Sakura called.

No anwser.