About Me

I know, i used the same background as the 'Contest' Page, but i really like this background^^. Anyway this page is all about me, almost everything, so all my affies, and all of you can get to know be a bit better. Enjoy^^

Name: Pamela

AKA: SaturnAngel

B-Day: August 31, 1981

Age: 21

Status Now: In my 2nd year of college

What Course: Travel and Tourism

Location: Canada

Hair (natural): blond

Hair (now, dyed): Deepest Plum

Eyes: Hazel

Fav Subjects: Science

Least Fav Subjects: Math, English

Fav Color: Sky Blue

Fav Food: Chicken

Least Fav Food: liver

Fav Drink: Blue Pepsi

Least Fav Drink: Mellow Yellow

Fav Thing: Having fun

Least Fav Thing: When i'm always wrong

Fav Sport: Baseball

Least Fav Sport: Football

Hobby: Collection Dolphin satuettes

Fav Movie(s): The New Guy, Fast and the Furious, Triple X (not an adult movie, the one with Vin Disel)

Fav Actor: Vin Disel

Fav Shows: Charmed, Who's Line is it Anyway?, Real TV, Simpsons, ER

Fav Animes: Sailor Moon, CCS

Fav Song: don't have one..anything that is good

Fav Animals: Dolphins, panthers (black)

Scared of: heights, spiders, and pinchers (bad little bugs up here)

Ultimate Goal: Getting married to my bf, and moving to Alberta

And I think that is it. LOL!! Hope this helps all of you^^ And thank you for reading it^^