Part 2

The Dance

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~ ~*~ *

" Everyone I'd like your attention please." a man stoud up.

Sakura and Tomoyo heard the man. It was a guy on a stage with a band of flutes, clarinets, alto saxahpones, you name it!

" The band is going to play a song and they would like you to enjoy it. " he sat down.

" They're going to play a song! Tomoyo wanna go over and listen? " Sakura asked. " Sure! " she smiled. Sakura smiled to Syaoran, " Wanna come? " she asked. " Uh....sure..." he blushed. They walked up to the band and they started to play.

People started to listen and gather around the band play with their beautiful sounds. Some people started to dance even. Alot of the girl dancers wore pretty kimonos or skirts. MAny copuple were dancing together. Sakura was dressed in her white and light pink kimono, her hair was neatly up in her pink headband.

" Wow Sakura! Look at everyone! " Tomoyo smiled. " I know! Isn't it pretty? " Sakura watched everyone dance with grace and beauty. Tomoyo smiled and said, " I'm going to dance ". " All alone? " Sakura asked. " It's okay, alota people are dancing alone. ". " Okay Tomoyo! " Sakura smiled. Tomoyo smiled back and started to dance with everyone else.

" Wow..." Sakura watched at the dancers. Syaoran gazed at Sakura, her eyes sparkling, and her lovely smile. But he couldn't stop thinking about Mei-lin. How he yelled at her and that he might not see her again. " What's wrong? " Sakura broke his thought. He looked down. " I'm sure Mei-lin is fine. " she looked up at him. " he looked at her and blushed. " Yeah..." he replied. " Here..." she smiled, " Will it cheer you up if you danced? " she asked.

Syaoran blushed crazily. " What? ". " Come dance with us. " she offered. She took his hand and asked, " Wanna dance? " she asked. Syaoran's face became redder. " Just friend-wise. " she smiled. They both walked to the dancers. Syaoran thought, Great! I don't know how to dance to well..

" I gotta warn you.." Sakura whispered. " What? " he asked. " I can't dance very good.." Syaoran smiled. " Okay. " Sakura and Syaoran started to to slowly dance. Syaoran blushed as he danced. She smiled up to him. Tomoyo winked at Syaoran secretly. His face burned with heat.

Sakura looked at him, " Are you okay? " she asked. " Yeah.." he blushed even more at her twinkling jade eyes. Her dark lashes sweeping down. She leaned her head on him and blushed slightly.

Touya came over to see what was going on. " I wonder what this is....a country hilbilly show? " he joked. " You can go see, and I'll wait here. " said his dad. " Whatever. " he replied and looked at the people, But he saw Sakura dancing with the one person he did NOT want her to dance with.

But he just watched them and walked away.

" So what was it? " he asked. " Nothing.." Touya looked back.

Sakura let go of Syaoran and smiled. Syaoran forced a smile back to her. Tomoyo looked at Syaoran and mouthed the words, " Tell her! ". But he couldn't. Not with the Mei-lin thing going on now. He just couldn't.

" Is there somthing on your mind? " Sakura asked him. He blushed and anwered, " N-n-no nothing is wrong..." he studdered.

They both walked away from the dancers and sat down on a bench. Sakura yawned. " What time is it? " she looked at the clock on the building. " It's 9:41! " she gasped. Syaoran looked at her. " Wow, I can't beleive it's that late. " she looked to Syaoran. He blushed. " Uhh..yeah.." he looked away from her.

She looked at him, curiously. He looked back at her. They starred at each other for a while. " Hey, Um...Syaoran. " Sakura asked. " Yeah? " he said. " I think you and me has become really good friends...." she said. " Cause we use to like hate each other....remember? " she looked to him. " Uh...." he studdered, " yeah....I guess we are..."

She got up from the bench and stretched and looked at the moon shine. " It's beautiful...." she said.

Not as pretty as you... he thought.

His mind circled and became foggy. He was lost in thought. Watching and gazing at Sakura, her cute voice and sweet personality. Her emeral shining eyes and she was always happy....maybe he should tell her.

He starred at her pretty eyes. She was right, he thought she was a big idiot who couldn't use magic and wasn't worthy of the clow cards. now he has fallen for her making hm constenly think about her all the time.

" What's wrong Li-kun? " Sakura looked at him, " you acting quiet.."

" I'm okay..." he looked down.

She smiled up to him, making him blush. He got up and put his hands in his pocket.

This is driving me crazy.... he thought.... I gotta tell her!

He took a deep breath, gathered up all of his courage,

" Sakura.." he faced her.

" Hmm? " she smiled.

" I......I......I....." he tried to force the words out, but all that came out was I .

She looked at him cluelessly.

" I....I..." he gave up and sighed. " What Syaoran? " she wondered. " Nevermind. I..uh..forgot.." he shly turned away. She smiled, " It's okay, I always forget what I'm bout to say. " " Hey Sakura! " Tomoyo walked over to them. " Hey, Tomoyo-chan! " she smiled.

" My mom is gonna pick me up soon. I was wondering if you guys would like to come over for a little bit. " she smiled. " Me? " Syaoran looked at her. " Your sure your mom will let us? " Sakura asked. " Yeah I just gotta call from her. So you guys wanna come? " she smiled. " Sure! I"ll ask my dad! " Sakura looked over to Syaoran. " Are you going? " she asked. " " he scratched the back of his head. " Ok then. I'm gonnal ook for my dad. " Sakura said. Tomoyo looked to her, " I'm gonna wait for my mom at the front gate so I'll be there. " Tomoyo said. " Okay Tomoyo. " Sakura said. Tomoyo left to the front gate.

" Well I"m gonna look for my dad, wanna come with? " she asked Syaoran. " Okay. " he agreed to come just in case she got lost.